Did Ashwin Teach Aussies To Play Spin?

‘Do you really think they saw our video and learned how to play spin? Especially, after watching our Tamil video?’

Ravichandran Ashwin AND Ravindra Jadeja haunted Australia in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy Test series.

When Ashwin was not tormenting the Aussies on the field, the veteran spinner was posting a few videos during the series, one of which appeared after the second Test in New Delhi.

As Ashwin explained ‘how to play spin in India’, the hosts lost the following match in Indore, with Steve Smith’s men securing a 9 wicket win.

After the Indore Test, many fans blamed the Test No 1 bowler for India’s defeat. The bombardment of comments on the video even prompted the admin to change the thumbnail of the video.

In a new video on his YouTube channel, Ashwin explained the entire story in detail.

‘Once we lost in Indore, everyone started commenting on that video. “Since you taught them how to play against spin in India, we lost the Indore Test. You were the reason for our own downfall”. These were some of the comments. I found it really funny.’

‘We have Rahul David who has played for so many years and did his coaching in NCA before coming here. Likewise with Andrew McDonald for the Australian team. The narrative changed completely as if the Australians saw one YouTube video and learned how to play spin.

‘I found it very funny and also was very proud of myself. I was like how good I should have been that I coached an entire cricket team in a single video and made them win a Test match. I was feeling very happy and proud,’ Ashwin added.

Seeing the admin make the change in the Delhi Test video, Ashwin did ask himself if he really ended up making the Australian batters better players of spin.

‘But the very next day, the admin changed the heading to Delhi Test review due to intense pressure in the comments section. I asked him, ‘You changed the heading, okay. But do you really think they saw our video and learned how to play spin? Especially, after watching our Tamil video?’ Of course, we did have subtitles for them to understand. And moreover, what did I tell in that video for them to learn how to play spin?’

‘Of course, I did mention two points. But they won because of that or what? If yes, then look at the reach of our channel. I gave a light moment to him saying why should any teams have a coach from here on since they can just watch our video and win matches.

‘Because at the end of the day, we live in the world of social media. All these things spread like a wildfire.’

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