Woman catches a goat stealing, eating mail from letterbox, shares surprising video

On a list of bizarre things one can find in and around their mailbox, this one definitely ranks quite high. A woman in Alabama, United States captured a strange sight on a street – a goat not only stealing some mail from a letterbox but also chomping on it. She posted the video on Facebook, and it has since collected several reactions.

“This cannot be made up. Welcome to Toxey,” wrote Facebook user Ila Mazingo while sharing the video. She mentioned in the comments section that the goat was eventually found and taken away by its owner.

Posted on August 28, the video has left many laughing out loud. Take a look:

The video has prompted several hilarious reactions on Facebook. From sharing how this a real-life version of the classic ‘the dog ate my homework’ excuse made by kids to sharing how funny they find this video, here’s what people commented about the video.

“That is hilarious,” shared an individual. “Bring him my way and let him eat a few bills,” posted another. To this, Mazingo replied, “As soon as he eats mine”.

“So when we were kids, ‘the dog ate my homework’ didn’t work so well… wonder if as adults ‘a goat ate my bill’ will work better,” commented a Facebook user. “They better hope there wasn’t a big fat check in there,” added another. “It’s a Federal offence to mess with someone’s mail. Wonder how they are going to handcuff him,” posted a third.

How would you react if this was your letterbox?

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