Why is Kim Kardashian being panned for her Vatican outfit?

In pictures shared on social media, the entrepreneur wrote that she had "adhered to the dress code" and was "fully covered up while inside St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel"

Kim Kardashian seldom goes wrong with her fashion outings. Even if some of her choices are not exactly relatable, they are still fashionably sound. So what happened during her visit to the Vatican, and exactly why has she been facing so much backlash?

The entrepreneur and reality TV star was in Italy this week, and was hit by claims that she did not adhere to the strict dress code during a visit to holy sites in the Vatican, which is an independent city-state within Rome.

In pictures shared on social media, Kim, 40, was seen posing at locations around the Vatican, with supermodel Kate Moss. In the caption, she wrote: “We had the most incredible experience touring Vatican City @vaticanmuseums. It was amazing to be able to view all of the iconic art, architecture and ancient Roman sculptures in person, especially Michelangelo’s works.



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“We even had an opportunity to view their private archive of robes worn by every pope in history, dating back to the 1500’s. Thank you @ocspecial for arranging the visit.”

She even added a sassy footnote, “Don’t worry, I adhered to the dress code and fully covered up while inside St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel’s.”

But, she was not spared on social media with many people criticising her for her choice of outfit, which was essentially an off-shoulder lace dress with cut-outs. “I want to go to Vatican City so badly but to get a personal tour. SO lucky. (And haha! I was wondering how you got away with the dress code rules, but I guess everyone has to comply!) (sic),” one person wrote.

“They were not trying to single you out. I’ve been to the Vatican, and men cannot wear shorts. Found that out the hard way. Have enjoyed virtually vacationing through your beautiful posts. Is it as beautiful as you remember–Rome?” another wrote.

“Went to the Vatican in a see through dress?” yet another person wrote, and another commented, “How disrespectful of Kim Kardashian to show up at the Vatican with that outfit.”

It is believed that sleeveless, low-cut garments, shorts that end above the knees, miniskirts and hats are not allowed there, and neither are tattoos that may offend Catholic sentiments and morality, or “common decency”.



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In one of the pictures that she posted, Kim was spotted wearing an oversized black leather jacket over her gown. She shared it with the same disclaimer that she “adhered to the dress code” and was “fully covered up while inside St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel”.

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