Want to know why your dog always follows you around? This doggo may have an answer

Most pet parents will agree with us when we say that interpreting the thoughts of our furry friends is often an impossible task. However, some saints from the Internet are trying to educate the masses with some possible hilarious interpretations of what a pet may think. Just like this video of a doggo’s thoughts from her ‘diary’. The clip is already making netizens go aww and may make you feel the same too.

Shared on the dog’s personal TikTok account, the clip gives a glimpse of Bella, a golden retriever, and her thoughts about her human. The clip starts with the narration , “After 1562 days of asking my human not to leave, not to EVER leave, he has finally listened.” The video goes on to show the dog following her human all over the house while keeping a distance.

The clip ends with the joyful doggo ‘saying’ that she wishes that these ‘days in heaven’ may never end. Grabbing all the love from netizens, Bella’s diary is probably every doggo’s surprised reaction to their humans staying in the homes.

Take a look at the adorable pooch:


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Bella’s video has managed to garner over 1.6 lakh views and tons of comments. “My dog does the same, keeps staring at me, I guess he can’t just believe I’m home,” writes a TikTok user. “Don’t you ever go out to work again!” says another. “Awww, she’ll be so sad when you leave for work post lockdown, oh wait! She won’t even understand why you’re not home,” comments a third. “Dream living! They all feel the same now,” writes a fourth.

What do you think of the video?

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