Twitter user’s garlic meme goes viral for a very interesting reason

A Twitter user’s garlic-related post is now going all kinds of viral mainly because it evoked a sense of surprise in many. Also, it sparked a laughter riot and after knowing why there’s a chance you’ll join them too.

The Twitter user by the name of @monyeeart shared a meme explaining that there can never be enough garlic in a dish. The tweet is complete with an image of a person holding too huge garlic cloves. The post has now piqued people’s attention as many expressed their surprise about the size of the cloves. People wrote how they have never seen such huge cloves of garlic. Eventually, it also made several netizens laugh out loud.

Take a look at the tweet:

Since being shared on August 18, the post has gathered more than 3.2 lakh likes – and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, it has also amassed close to 67,000 retweets. People shared various comments on the post and they didn’t hold back while doing so.

Not just wondering, people also shared their love for the huge garlic cloves. A few also suggested that they’re called elephant garlic.

What do you think of the tweet?

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