Try Mini Mathur’s hack to get heatless curls and enjoy a good hair day!

Just two easy steps to get the beach waves that you have always wanted

When a beauty aficionado gives you a tip, the results are assured. Thus, when Mini Mathur shared an important hack on her social media handle recently, we had to bring it to you.

If you are someone who loves curls but does not want to invest in a curler, or wants to stay away from heat-styling, look no further and read on to know about how you can get beachy waves in no time! Check it out below.

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Wash your hair just like you do, if your hair isn’t dry. If you are someone with frizzy hair, your preparation for beachy waves will have to start slightly sooner — a night prior. Oil your hair and wash it in the morning.

When your hair is damp, add hair mousse to your hair tips, carefully spreading the mouse over your tresses using your fingers. The process doesn’t have to be neat.

Now just using a hairband, tie your hair into a high hair bun. Go about your day as you like and let your damp hair dry naturally. Once done, open your hair and voilà you will have ‘pro beach waves’ just like Mathur. Just in case you want naturally-bouncy hair, try this wonder ingredient.

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