Team rescues baby gator chilling in family pool in Florida, netizens love the tiny reptile

Members of the gator family may hold the title of magnificent beings for many. But for a massive portion of people, crocodiles and alligators are extremely dangerous creatures. Probably that’s the reason why even the little members of this family are feared by many. Just like, this one baby alligator who freaked out the Westchase family in Florida but was fortunately rescued by a team dedicated to rescuing such reptiles in distress.

Posted on their official Facebook page, Croc Encounters happen to be a rescue team in Florida, whose job is to attend to any croc related emergencies. On July 9, after getting a call from the terrified Westchase family, the rescue team came over to find a baby alligator in the pool filter. Every time the lid was opened, the little one would dart out into the pool. Fortunately, it was rescued by some warm-hearted members of the group and was later released into the wild.

“Today’s emergency call was for this cute, little alligator that was found in a Westchase family’s pool filter,” reads the caption.

Take a look at the whole post:

The post has garnered many shocked reactions from netizens as well. While some found the baby alligator to be a cutie, others lauded the team’s effort for a flawless rescue and release mission.

“What a cutie he is!” writes a Facebook user. “Look at that cute smile,” comments another. “Amazing efforts,” congratulates a third.

What are your thoughts about this rescue?

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