Somebody call HR because these cute cats are going at it in the home office

If you’re currently working from home and missing the office banter; worry no more! These two feline friends are here to make you feel nostalgic about the catty corporate culture, pun intended.

The three-second-long clip was posted on Reddit on March 27. It is captioned “by all means-just have it out right on top of my desk why not. Home office tensions are beginning to run high”, to rightly describe the dynamic between the two kitties. The film shows a tangerine coloured cat, sitting on top of the keyboard of a laptop, pawing at another black-furred kitty who is standing on the other side of the screen.

Posted on the cheekily named subreddit ‘animals being jerks’, the video currently has over 14,000 upvotes and 100 comments.

By all means – just have it out right on top of my desk why not. Home office tensions are beginning to run high. from r/AnimalsBeingJerks

Redditors had lots to say about these feline frenemies. One person commented, “the one on the keyboard is sending emails out”. While another replied regarding the unhelpful assistant’s functions stating, “meanwhile the emails be like-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

The workplace jokes didn’t stop there though. One Reddit user said, “ok you need HR to come to the living room now and sort this out now. We need a safe space for everyone here”. While another read, “I just called HR. They’re on their way with the spray bottle”.

Netizens know that cats love sitting on the keyboard because of the warmth and the general annoyance it causes to hoomans, so one individual thought the fight was for the throne. They commented, guessing the black cat’s thoughts, “damn it, Jeff it’s my turn to the spreadsheet”. To which the current tangerine queen responded, “you don’t even know how to do a linear regression”.

Only one person cared about the wellbeing of the device when writing, “is your laptop still ok”? To which another responded, “it’s a Macbook Pro, so no”.

We don’t know much about the laptop itself but watching this cute catfight has definitely got us feeling okay this smooth Saturday. What about you?

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