School may be closed if Covid situation worsens, attendance not must: UP govt

The vaccines for children below 18 are not yet available but it is expected to be available by September, said UP Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma.

The Uttar Pradesh government, which has decided to open schools for physical classes, on Thursday said the attendance for students will not be compulsory and schools may be closed again if the Covid situation worsens.

Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma told this to the state legislative council while replying to a question by teacher constituency member Dhruv Kumar Tripathi. “In basic education, attendance is not compulsory. We have also not made attendance mandatory for classes from 9 to 12,” Sharma said.

“Guardians, teachers and political organisations have also said the offline education should be started even if it is for a shorter period,” he said.

In UP, the present atmosphere is sufficiently secure but if there is any indication of any concern (regarding Covid), we can also close schools,” he added.

Tripathi also asked Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh if there was any arrangement for vaccination of teachers and students below 18 years of age.

In a supplementary question, SP member Shatrudra Prakash asked the minister if it is safe for little children to go to school without vaccination. The minister replied that the vaccine for children below 18 is not yet available but it is expected to be available by September.

He said after the vaccine is available, a campaign will be launched to inoculate children. The state government has opened schools from August 16 for classes 9 to 12. For classes six to eight, they will be opened from August 23 and for classes one to five from September 1.

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