Pune Police’s ‘go with the flow’ post has an important health message. Seen it yet?

Wondering what the best way to venture out to collect mail from the letterbox or take a quick stroll around one’s apartment complex is? Well, Pune Police’s latest advisory post has the answer for you.

This image was shared on the Pune Police’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts on August 30. “Go with the ‘flow’ and wear mask! #OnGuardAgainstCorona,” reads the caption accompanying the post.

The photograph shows a flow chart drawn on a white background. “Going out?” reads the text written in a box at the very top. Two arrows extend out of each side of the square, with the word “yes” written next to them.

The lines connect to two more boxes. “But only to collect my mail from the letterbox,” reads the text written in one of the squares. The writing in the other box reads, “But only for a quick walk around my building”.

Two more lines extend out of each of these squares and connect to one final box. “Wear a mask!” reads the text in that square.

Check out the creative post conveying this vital message:

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Since its original posting, this share has garnered nearly 250 likes on Instagram.

This isn’t the first time Pune Police has used its social media presence to spread an important health message to the public. Their recent ‘find the difference’ post explains mask-wearing etiquette in a witty manner.

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