Pranks, memes, kaju katli and beer: This 90-year-old ‘who’s seen it all’ has the coolest funda for a happy life

What’s the secret to a happy life? This is one of those questions all of us seek an answer to. Well, allow this 90-year-old cool dude (just look at his picture, how else should we describe him?) to tell you. Pssttt, his funda is uncomplicated and easy to follow. So you may want to sit back and take notes.

A post about him detailing how he lives his life has been shared on the Humans of Bombay Facebook page. In his post, the man ‘who’s seen it all’ shares snippet from his life.

“I believe in a life full of adventure, pranks, fun, and a fridge full of chocolates, kaaju katli, cheese and beer…lots of beer!” he says. He’s played quite a few pranks on his loved ones which have earned him the title of the resident prankster in the family.

Of course all this goes hand in hand with his work at a repair shop. He has his weekends chalked out too. Now with the lockdown, he not only is keeping himself entertained – by making memes about his family, if you please – he’s even keeping his family from getting bored.

His funda for life is simple. “We overthink and complicate life too much– take it from a 90 year old man who’s seen it all– life is always going to be up and down, so you may as well just chill and have a cold beer whilst you’re at it!” he says.

We’ll let you read the entire post to know him and his world better:

Since being shared about four hours ago, the post has collected over 16,000 reactions and more than 2,000 shares. People love this man’s spirit and zest for life.

“It’s so awesome… that’s real advice we need in these times,” comments an individual. “Sincerely appreciate your zest! So positive! Stay blessed, uncle,” says another.

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