Ponyo the kitten brings best friend Dragon for surgery. Their pics are so precious

Just days ago, a heartwarming video of a doggo comforting his stuffed toy after both wore cones following the pupper’s surgery, hit people right in the feels. Another similar post about a kitten and his best friend, a stuffed Dragon toy, is also making people go ‘aww’.

Operation Catnip, an organistion that works for animal care and protection, shared a post on their Facebook about this special kitten, named Ponyo, and his friend, named Dragon.

In the post, they detail how Ponyo was rescued by a woman who decided to adopt him. “Ponyo was registered for our Kitten Shelter Diversion Program and today he came for his neuter surgery! But he wasn’t alone! He had his BFF Dragon with him to help him be the bravest boy,” explains the post further.

The post takes everyone through Ponyo and Dragon’s journey at the clinic and the through the procedure. The pictures show Ponyo nervously hiding behind Dragon. The clinic pretended to take Dragon through the procedure also to help Ponyo feel braver. Take a look:

Shared on July 6, the post has collected over 13,000 shares and tons of reactions from people.

“This is just the sweetest! Thank you, OC, for taking such good care of these kitties – and friends!” wrote a Facebook user. “This is just adorable! So very sweet of the veterinarian to do a little photo memorabilia for baby Ponyo’s family! That is a caring doctor and staff!” posted another.

An individual also shared their cat’s similar story.

Here’s a picture of Ponyo and Dragon post their surgeries:

What do you think about this adorable story?

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