Neha Dhupia shows how to amp up your simple hairdo

Looking for suggestions for a New Year's Eve get-together? These four looks will surely come to your rescue

Actor Neha Dhupia’s comfortable fashion sense also translates into interesting hairdos that she sports on the regular. If you are looking for ways to ace your New Year’s Eve celebration, look no further. We have the best cues; take a look.


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This is the easiest and the most underrated style. If you want a good hair day, condition or apply a hair mask, wash it off and blow-dry your manes while combing straight. Then part it on the side to give out the illusion of thicker hair.

Hair scarf for the win

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No time to wash your hair? Use a scarf. Fold the scarf to make a triangle. Then take the two pointy ends in front and tie it. Not only does it hide away the oiliness, but also takes your overall look several notches higher.

Middle-parting low ponytail

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This is for when you are looking for perfection and a classy appearance. If you have baby hair on your forehead, tame it with some clear mascara or spritz some hairspray on your spoolie brush and put it in place for a sleek low ponytail.

Half bun hairdo

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For those who like to keep it casual, this one is a super-easy hairdo. This chic hairstyle was in vogue a few years ago, and continues to be popular. Take two sections of your hair from the front and tie it back into a little bun. Leave the rest open.

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