My husband lost his job and now my son is losing his life. Help us.

“When your child hurts, so do you.” Every parent knows this is true. Every mother knows the pain is especially heart-wrenching when we can't help our child. I wish I could say it gets easier with time, but it never does.

‘SCID’. That’s the disease doctors told us was affecting Hardav. My husband and I are simple people, we didn’t have the luxury of a fancy education growing up. So we had no idea what ‘SCID’ was.

All we knew was what we could see. And what we could see was that our baby was very clearly critically ill.


It all started a few months after Hardav was born. He developed a high fever that was followed by diarrhea. I have an 8 year old daughter so I know what regular fevers look like. This wasn’t an ordinary fever, I knew instinctively something was wrong.

My husband, already stressed from losing his job due to the pandemic, started to panic. We weren’t sure how much more bad news we could handle so we prayed on our way to the hospital.

“We’re sorry Ma’am, your son suffers from ‘SCID’. It’s a rare immune disorder and that means your son will continue to suffer unless we take immediate action.”

That’s what the doctors said to me. “Your son will continue to suffer.” My husband broke down, uncontrollably. First, he loses his job and now he was being told he might lose his son.

“Please Sir, there is still hope. A bone marrow transplant will help, it will turn Hardav’s life around. We’re confident of that.”


The bone marrow transplant that will save my baby’s life costs INR 4000000.00. That number felt like a slap on my face. INR 4000000.00?

Where are we going to find that much money? My husband doesn’t have a steady income right now, we make at most Rs 5,000 a month. That money has to be used to pay for food, rent and looking after our two children. Some nights, I have to go to bed without eating because we can only afford food for our children.


Hardav’s condition has continued to worsen. He has lost weight and he has been hit by infection after infection. There is hardly a day when he isn’t battling a fever or an infection. Watching him suffer has been unbearable for me. My husband already suffers from diabetes, I’m so scared this will make him sicker.



We don’t have jewelry to sell, we don’t have money in the bank and we don’t have rich friends. No bank will give us a loan. We have no option so we have to beg for help, we have to beg for donations.

Please, please find it in your heart to help us. Please donate whatever you can so we can afford my son’s treatment. Every bit will only be used for his transplant. I’m counting on your kindness.

It’s time we join hands to save little Hardav and help him survive.

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