Mumbai school events: Performance poetry engages Mazagaon school students

Diamond Jubilee High School, Mazagaon, managed by the Aga Khan Education Service, India, conducted a poetry dramatization competition for the students of Class 3 to 5.

The students recited poems on celebration, nature, freedom, humour and journey. Each class was given an hour to perform.

Teachers across sections evaluated the students, on the parameters of choice of poem, expression, diction, clarity, props and gestures. Students recited Sick by Shel Silverstein, Computer swallowed my grandma by Valerie Waite and among many others. The winner of the competition, Amaan Ghare, from Class 5, said, “I am thankful for getting an opportunity to participate in the competition. My poem about Mahatma Gandhi inspired me a lot.”

Parents also lauded the opportunity provided by the school as well as the efforts of the students.

A parent, Samina Petiwala, said, “The poetry dramatization gave my kids an opportunity to perform and explore their talent. It was fun, not just for the kids, but for the parents too.”

Kids prepare posters, raise awareness about tourism

Bombay Cambridge Gurukul School, Andheri (West), recently celebrated World Tourism Day with an aim to raise awareness about the importance of tourism and it’s social, economic and cultural value. The teachers prepared slides keeping in mind the theme for the year – tourism and rural development.

The presentation was shared with the students and the importance of this day was discussed. Students actively participated and shared their views on the importance of tourism and how it could benefit our rural development. The students of Class 1 to 5 prepared posters highlighting various tourists spots in India.

Students of Class 4 and 5 also prepared write-ups and speeches talking about the role of tourism.

Air Force Day celebrated by Thane school students

The children at New Horizon Scholars School, Thane, recently celebrated Air Force Day and expressed high regards for the dedication and hard work of the Indian Air Force.

The students prepared a Power-Point presentation on why the day is celebrated, the tradition attached with it and its significance. The students were also shown a documentary film on armed forces. The day ended with tribute to countless sacrifices made by the air warriors not just in safeguarding the skies, but also in numerous humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations taken up by them.

The Indian Air Force is the air arm of armed forces. It was officially established on 8th October 1932.

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