Mumbai Police wittily uses Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s ‘Tell me why’ scene for this important message

If you are a fan of the TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, then you need no help in identifying the scene we’re talking about. Chances are you’re also chuckling remembering the same. However, if Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a whole new domain for you, then let us clear the air. It is a comedy television series about a group of odd detectives who solve crimes in the funniest and most bizarre way possible.

Mumbai Police, known to use the popular movie series or film references to put forth important messages, have taken help of a scene from the show. They gave a little twist to a witty scene from the show and there’s a probability that the whole thing will make you laugh out loud, while also reminding you about the value of masks in these trying times.

For the uninitiated, the scene features one of the detectives in the show who makes the suspects sing the popular song ‘I Want It That Way’ by Backstreet Boys to help a victim identify a perpetrator. And, at the end it’s the suspect holding placard number five who turns out guilty.

The department, quite creatively, shared an image of the scene where the suspects are seen holding placards while wearing masks, all except number 5. In the caption, this is what they wrote, “It was number 5! Number 5 endangered all our lives. You simply cannot forget your mask!”. Referencing to the show, the song, and also the importance of the safety gear, they used the hashtags #99ForMasks and #WeWantItThatWay too.

The whole thing clubbed together is pretty hilarious. Check out for yourself:

Since being shared just a few hours ago, the post has already gathered close to 900 likes and the numbers are only increasing. Expectedly, there were some who couldn’t stop gushing over the creativity of the team handling Mumbai Police’s Twitter profile. A few also shared replies related to the show.

“TELL ME WHYYYYY!,” wrote a Twitter user. To which, another replied, “Ain’t nothin’ but a heartache!” Keeping the flow of the conversation intact, an individual pitched in and wrote, “Now number 5.” To which, another user of the micro-blogging site wrote, “I never want to hear you say.” Appreciating the entire conversation between the Twitter users an individual used a dialogue from the scene and wrote, “Chills, literal chills.”

In case you’re wondering about the original scene of the show, take a look:

What do you think of this creative advisory post by Mumbai Police?

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