Man complains of itchy ear, doctor discovers live spider nesting inside

A horrifying video from China has recently surfaced online and chances are it’ll make most people quite uncomfortable. It shows a doctor flushing out a live spider from a man’s ear. Identified as Li, the man went to seek medical help when he had an itchy feeling inside his ear. A video of what doctors found inside has been made online.

At first, the surgeons failed to notice anything unusual but later spotted the eight-legged creature with the help of a microscope. Daily Mail reports that the spider was living inside Li’s ear for quite a while as it had woven webs inside.

The tiny size of the arachnid made it impossible for the doctor to grab it with tweezers. So, he filled the ear canal with a few drops of saline solution and forced the spider to crawl out. The process was recorded and shared online. Check it out:

The surgeon who treated the man urged the public to seek medical help if they experience similar symptoms.

First Published:
May 10, 2019 15:22 IST

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