Looks like this cat just remembered something embarrassing it did years ago. Watch

Picture this: You’re peacefully tucked in the bed. With your nighttime skincare routine all done and daily ‘reading before bedtime’ goals achieved, all that is left to do is drift away to dreamland. Just as you close your eyes, random thoughts flood your mind. While most of them don’t garner any reaction from you, all of a sudden, the memory of that embarrassing thing you did at a party a long time ago creeps into your head. You quickly open your eyes, only slightly mortified.

If the scene described above seems too real to you, then here’s a cat video you’ll relate to.

Posted on Reddit on December 26, this recording is almost 10 seconds long. “When you’re in mid groom and you suddenly remember that embarrassing thing you did years ago,” reads the caption shared alongside the post.

The clip opens to a shot of tangerine and white furred-feline sitting atop a carpet placed on a wooden floor. The kitty seems lost in its grooming routine as it licks itself clean. Abruptly, the cat looks up straight and stares at nothing in particular for a few seconds. It then swiftly goes back to what it is doing earlier.

Watch the whole scene unfold here:

Since being shared on the subreddit ‘startled cats’, this post has received a whole lot of love from netizens. The share has presently amassed almost 3,500 upvotes and over 25 comments.

Here’s what Redditors had to say about the kitty. One person jokingly said, “Did I leave the stove on? Oh right no I’m a cat,” trying to guess the feline’s perspective.

Another individual wrote, “He remembered that embarrassing thing he did, then thought ‘ahh who cares’”. “I’m in this video,” read one comment under the post by a Reddit user who related to this kitty.

What are your thoughts on this share?

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