In bed with Sanjana Sanghi: “I’m not a night suit girl. I sleep in old T-shirts!”

“…because I’m a nerd!”

Her answer to most questions is, “because I’m a nerd…” followed by a soft, accepting semi-chuckle. Bollywood’s newest debutante, whose recent film Dil Bechara was talked about enough (in the absence of the box office, being talked about is currency!) is indeed a nerd: she read the book before she saw the movie The Fault In Our Stars (2014), which her film was based upon. “I still can’t believe I essay Hazel Grace Lancaster,” she says, more impressed with her luck than star-struck, as youngsters her age tend to be.

List three things nobody knows about you.

That mom is Gujarati and dad half-Punjabi and half-Marwari, but I follow Sikhism! I am fluent in French and I shot a film in Class 12, which never got released!

One relationship rule you always follow…?

Don’t listen to anyone else but yourself.

This or that…

Beaches or mountains? I love the Himalayas. I have grown up going there.

Books or web series? Books!

Money or fame? Neither.

Which podcast do you always listen to?

The Michelle Obama podcast. I’ve always turned to her for inspiration.

And a Health Shot you swear by?

Junk is bad but don’t ever feel that you can’t eat a lot of food. Just make sure it’s healthy, home food.

Finally, describe yourself in a hashtag.


Bedside Stories

What’s always on your bedside table?: Almonds, a couple of books and my diary

The craziest thing you’ve done in bed: I have five dogs and not a day goes by when I don’t wake up with one of them licking my forehead!

What do you wear to bed?: I’m not a fancy night suit kind of a person. I love oversized, worn-out, raggedy T-shirts, sometimes my brother’s old ones!

Your dress code when at a sleepover:Usually, the clothes we went out in

Any side of the bed you prefer: I have a single bed, so none!

In Bed With is a new weekly column that puts personal questions to your favourite stars, and serves you a reminder: after Brunch on Sundays, it’s time to go back to bed! zzz

From HT Brunch, September 6, 2020

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