Human playfully tries taking away kitten from mom, watch how the cat reacts

A video involving a cat and its tiny kid has now sparked a debate among people on Reddit. The clip showcases the reaction of a feline mom when a human playfully tires to take away its kid. While the video has won some people over, others were not at all happy.

“A caring mom cat,” reads the caption of the video shared on Reddit. Posted almost 15 hours ago, the clip has already gathered over 20,000 upvotes and the numbers are only increasing.

It shows an individual holding a tiny kitten and slowly moving it away from the cat mom standing in front. Watch the video to see how the mom reacts.

From commenting on the cuteness of the whole affair to talking about the love of a mother to trying to guess the perspective of the felines, people shared all sorts of comments.

“Don’t talk to me or my son ever again,” joked a Redditor trying to guess what the cat mom must have said to the human. “When I was a kid and touched my cat’s kittens she would give me a few seconds before calmly removing them from me. I should’ve taken the hint, I was lucky to have such a tolerant cat,” shared another. “I love how gentle it’s pawing was trying to get its little one back,” said a third.

However there were a few who were not happy with the video and wrote that it is a “mean” thing for the human to do.

“Speaking as a mother myself I feel like holding the baby above the mom like that whilst mom is clearly trying to get her baby back, it seems mean. Give that baby back,” wrote an individual. Expressing similar concerns another commented, “Maybe don’t stress mama cat out eh?”

What do you think of the video?

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