Horoscope Today: Astrological prediction for August 22, what’s in store for Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra and other zodiac signs

All zodiac signs have their own characteristics and traits which define someone’s personality. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you started your day by already knowing about what’s going to come your way? Read on to find out whether the odds will be in your favour today.

*Aries (March 21-April 20): You will be able to settle something outstanding on the professional front. A family elder may find it difficult to relinquish his or her authority at home. A new source of earning will make your financial front stronger. Religious minded can go on a spiritually elevating journey. Joining health conscious people on the fitness front is likely to do you good. Survey the real estate market before settling on any deal, as getting something better is possible. Someone important may give you a chance at something that you had been hoping for.

Love Focus: Nothing exciting happening on the love front may become a matter of concern.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Alphabet: T

Friendly Numbers: 2, 4, 8

Friendly Zodiac Today: Aries & Cancer

Be careful of: Virgo

*Taurus (April 21-May 20): Keeping higher ups on the right side is important at this juncture on the professional front. Family tensions will soon get replaced by peace and tranquility at home. Money comes in a steady stream and is set to improve soon. Delays while travelling can upset your plans and force you to reschedule your itinerary. Alternative medicines may not appear much effective in curing your ailment. Good returns can be expected by those investing in property. You may need the support for organising something big and it will be forthcoming.

Love Focus: Lover may get in the mood of going someplace exotic, so don’t miss out on this chance.

Lucky Colour: Crimson

Lucky Alphabet: S

Friendly Numbers: 2, 4, 6

Friendly Zodiac Today: Libra & Aries

Be careful of: Cancer

*Gemini (May 21-Jun 21): Your efforts to come in the good books of people who matter on the professional front will succeed. Lethargy and laid back attitude of spouse or a family member may annoy you. Don’t touch your savings even if it means tightening your belt. Some of you may have to proceed on an official trip on a short notice. Strong will power will be instrumental in keeping you fit and on the go on the health front. A favourable development on the social front may leave you in a highly excited state!

Love Focus: Your aspirations on the romantic front are likely to connect you with a like minded person.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Alphabet: P

Friendly Numbers: 9, 12

Friendly Zodiac Today: Cancer & Virgo

Be careful of: Scorpio

*Cancer (Jun 22-July 22): Task given to you on the professional front may not require much supervision on your part. Developments on the domestic front will keep you in an upbeat mood. Things look up on the monetary front as you enhance your earning. Some of you can do extensive travelling today and enjoy it too! Those aiming for perfect figure and physique may find health foods and drinks beneficial. A property deal may not go as expected. Spending time with like-minded people will prove intellectually satiating.

Love Focus: Loving bonds are likely to get strengthened for newly married couples.

Lucky Colour: Coffee

Lucky Alphabet: Y

Friendly Numbers: 11, 15

Friendly Zodiac Today: Scorpio & Taurus

Be careful of: Aries

*Leo (July 23-August 23): You are likely to deliver more than expected on the professional front and make your mark. A piece of good news on the family front will keep you in an upbeat mood. Good earning will keep your morale high and boost your self-esteem. You can feel envious of a neighbour going on a vacation. Free time may seem at a premium for those planning an outing with lover, but they will manage somehow. A property division will be to everyone’s satisfaction. You may have to keep a low profile as some mistake committed by you may get discovered.

Love Focus: A function may mark the beginning of your love life as you catch someone’s eye!

Lucky Colour: Electric Grey

Lucky Alphabet: H

Friendly Numbers: 1, 4

Friendly Zodiac Today: Scorpio & Gemini

Be careful of: Taurus

*Virgo (August 24-September 23): Getting more methodical at work will help in tackling old pending issues. Keep track of a family youngster to prevent him or her from going wayward. Financial awareness will become important to save on taxes. You are likely to take a break from the routine and plan an out-of-town trip. Don’t let minor aches and pains keep you from sweating out for total fitness. Someone can cast aspersions on the ownership of your property. This is your day and you will manage to achieve what you have set out for.

Love Focus: Initial excitement of falling in love is likely to take you to seventh heaven!

Lucky Colour: Coffee

Lucky Alphabet: D

Friendly Numbers: 9, 12

Friendly Zodiac Today: Aries & Cancer

Be careful of: Leo

*Libra (September 24-October 23): Something that you are trying to achieve on the professional front is likely to get delayed. You may need to toe the line of a parent or family elder or face his or her ire. This is not the best time to spend money on something expensive. Those planning a holiday are likely to be excited about the idea. You love outdoors, but fail to remain regular in your workouts, so strike a balance in the interest of health. You can get a good bargain on property if you are persuasive enough. Meeting someone you have not met for long is possible.

Love Focus: Lover may seem in a thoughtful mood today and may require space.

Lucky Colour: Dark Turquoise

Lucky Alphabet: P

Friendly Numbers: 3, 9

Friendly Zodiac Today: Capricorn & Virgo

Be careful of: Taurus

*Scorpio (October 24-November 22): Working smart, rather than working hard, is the key to take you places on the professional front. Home front will become a fun place today as friends or relations arrive. Rising expenses may affect the savings and require you to take crucial steps immediately. Some of you can make a plan for an outing with friends. Skin or digestive problem faced by some on the health front is likely to end soon. Construction of a house may be taken up by some. You will need to take one step at a time, as rushing things may not serve your purpose.

Love Focus: Someone from the opposite camp is likely to fall prey to your charms!

Lucky Colour: Coffee

Lucky Alphabet: G

Friendly Numbers: 2, 11

Friendly Zodiac Today: Sagittarius & Virgo

Be careful of: Leo

*Sagittarius (November 23-December 21): A complicated issue at work will be resolved to the satisfaction of all. You will succeed in maintaining domestic harmony by maintaining positivity at home. You are likely to get a chance to invest in a financially sound scheme. Someone close going abroad or out of town for a long duration can make you emotional. Taking up meditation and yoga with health in mind cannot be ruled out for some. Outside help will prove better for handling a property issue. Today, you may prefer peace and quiet to excitement on the social front.

Love Focus: A workplace romance is set to become intense, but don’t get swayed.

Lucky Colour: Coffee

Lucky Alphabet: A

Friendly Numbers: 6, 9

Friendly Zodiac Today: Virgo & Capricorn

Be careful of: Gemini

*Capricorn (December 22-January 21): Attaining the target may prove to be a touch-and-go affair for those into marketing. You may need to motivate a family youngster to perform better on the academic front. Those requiring a loan will be able to get it sanctioned. It is best not to go for a drive with friends as stars don’t appear favourable. Your desire for perfect figure and physique is likely to be fulfilled soon. Construction may begin for an addition to your existing house. An entertaining evening is in store for some on the social front.

Love Focus: Spending time with lover is foreseen and will help you in letting your hair down.

Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

Lucky Alphabet: Y

Friendly Numbers: 11, 13

Friendly Zodiac Today: Libra & Sagittarius

Be careful of: Leo

*Aquarius (January 22-February 19): Extra endeavours on the professional front are likely to get the cash register ringing. You may not be able to participate in a family event due to circumstances beyond your control. All is not lost on the financial front, if you are quick enough. Accompanying a family member out of town cannot be ruled out for some. A new line of medication is likely to do wonders for those not keeping too well. Some of you may look for justice regarding a property matter. This is a good time to start something new, as success is foretold.

Love Focus: A fun-filled activity with someone close is foreseen on the romantic front.

Lucky Colour: Peach

Lucky Alphabet: T

Friendly Numbers: 9, 6

Friendly Zodiac Today: Taurus & Scorpio

Be careful of: Virgo

*Pisces (February 20-March 20): Those in the promotion zone can count on stepping up the corporate ladder. Leave may become a problem for those wanting to join family to spend some time together. Don’t go overboard financially as stars don’t look favourable. Travel will give you the opportunity of seeing new locations and meeting new people. Switching to healthy food options will be a big plus for you on the health front. There is no need to become big hearted where property is involved. Don’t expend your energy in keeping track of someone or something, as it will only waste your time.

Love Focus: There is a good chance of catching the eye of someone who makes your pulse race!

Lucky Colour: Light Green

Lucky Alphabet: S

Friendly Numbers: 16, 18

Friendly Zodiac Today: Aries & Scorpio

Be careful of: Taurus

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