Here’s why you need to trim your hair and take care of split ends

If you want your hair to grow in length, you need to trim it from time to time

Caring for your hair is not that difficult a task, if you know what it is exactly that you wish to achieve in terms of hair goals. A lot many people go through phases of hair roughness and dryness that cause the hair to fall out and grow slowly, if at all. These things happen when we do not pay enough attention to the problem of split ends.

Split ends happen when the hair does not receive enough moisture. As the name suggests, hair strands develop split/multiple ends when the cuticle begins to wear off. There could be a variety of reasons for this. It may happen if you untangle your hair knots really aggressively when the hair is either dry or wet. Excessive use of heating tools for hair styling can also cause it. Not washing the hair regularly, or not conditioning it enough can also damage the cuticles. Sometimes, it is also believed to happen when the strands brush against rough pillowcases.

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Why you need to trim your hair

If you want your hair to grow in length, you need to trim it from time to time. Remember that split ends do not go away on their own, and their continued presence can harm the quality of hair greatly. Experts say that the longer you put of trimming your hair, the more each hair strand splits. Additionally, split ends have a lighter colour, and are visibly different, making your hair look uneven. In the long run, the hair loses its shine and becomes brittle, thereby breaking and losing volume.

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Other things to try

Besides hair trimming, you can also regularly massage your hair with any homemade oil, so that the tresses are safe and the scalp is nourished. If you have brittle hair, you must reduce the use of heat styling tools such as curling rods and straighteners. Also, you must not wash your hair every day, just twice a week is enough. Also, whenever you do wash it, avoid hot showers.

Using wide-toothed combs and combing your way up — from the ends all the way to the scalp — can also prevent knotting and split ends.

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