Here is why you should own a Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card!

Have you ever fumbled for cash in your wallet or forgot the PIN of your Credit Card or the POS machine broke down on you? These issues can spoil your shopping spree and can cost you a lot of time. But why struggle when you can switch to contactless payments with Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card?

All you need to do is just tap your Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card on the Contactless POS machine and get going!

Contactless and digital payments have gained tremendous popularity in the past few months and you surely don’t want to miss out on this revolution! In line with this, SBI Card & Visa, two of the most trusted brands in the country, through their latest campaign ‘Tap into the new normal’ encourage Cardholders to embrace contactless payment technology that will help make a huge difference in the midst of these unprecedented circumstances. The video beautifully encapsulates as to how we have been tapping into the new normal; from dancing to de-stressing; baking to bonding with our families; or making a quick and easy payment using contactless cards.


Now that we have got you curious, let’s tell you why your wallet will be thankful for getting the contactless credit card by SBI Card !

How do you use Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card?

Contactless cards come with an embedded chip that lets you tap them over the Point of Sale (PoS) machine. For the transaction to be successful, make sure to hold the card within 4cm of the POS machine, because it makes use of the Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology. Once the contactless payment has gone through, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone with the transaction details.

What makes a contactless card fast and convenient?

For a bill value of ₹2,000 or less, customers can simply tap the card and complete the transaction, without the need of entering either the PIN or the signature. This makes contactless payment a convenient choice and ensures faster transaction.

There is no questioning to the fact that contactless payments are much more convenient and quicker. Making faster and easier contactless payments is a reality with Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card in your wallet.

How safe and secure is the Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card?

Safety and security are the cornerstones of this contactless credit card. Firstly, it comes with a multi-layer encryption, which ensures complete safety of your information. Secondly, during a contactless transaction, the card never leaves your hand, and this greatly reduces the risk of card loss and fraud through counterfeit/skimming.

We know what is still bothering you. What if you unknowingly make a payment if you walk past an NFC enabled PoS machine, right? No, that won’t happen because the transaction can only go through if the retailer has entered the bill amount and if the Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card is within 4cm of the PoS machine. Also, the PoS machines can process only one transaction at a time.

So, what are you thinking? ‘Tap into the new normal’ and apply for your Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card today. SBI Card is further providing an added incentive for you to make this shift towards contactless transactions- The first-time contactless users can avail Rs. 75 Cashback on contactless transaction worth Rs. 750 or above, with their Contactless Visa SBI Credit Card. As the world evolves around us & we adapt to the constant changes, this is just the right motivation for you to tap into the new normal!

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