Grocery store staff breaks into dance in New Zealand, video is all about happiness

The Internet is filled with different kinds of videos, including those that leave people with a smile on their face. Just like this wholesome video from New Zealand which is now spreading happiness among people. Chances are after seeing the clip, you’ll also find yourself grinning from ear to ear too.

The video is shared on the Instagram profile of Commonsense Organics, a New Zealand based food supply chain. They started their post by asking people to keep their sound on and you might just want to do that to enjoy the video.

The organization then explained, “We’re nearing the end of an exhausting year and our Tory team felt the sudden impulse to let off a bit of steam during an uncharacteristically quiet moment in the store. We caught this on the CCTV and wanted to share with y’all!”

Take a look at the video:

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Since being shared, the video has gathered over 6,300 views and tons of comments from people. Most simply expressed how they clip left them happy.

“Beautiful. Loads of love,” wrote an Instagram user. “This video makes my heart happy. If Colorado wasn’t so far, you’d be my store of choice. Sending you all love, positivity and a happy holiday season from across the pond. Stay safe and thank you for your beautiful energy today,” said another.

An individual commented, “I’ve watched this video on replay since I first saw it. It gives me so much joy! Keep on dancing! Much love from NYC to NZ!”

What do you think of the video?

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