Gangster weds beloved in jail gurdwara after HC nod

Love knows no boundaries or should we say bars, and this story seems to be straight out of Bollywood. Murder-convict Mandeep Singh alias Dhruv got married on jail premises on Wednesday, after the Punjab and Haryana high court order jail officials to arrange for the matrimonial ritual in Nabha. Earlier, when the 35–year–old was not granted leave to get married, his bride-to-be had married his photograph.

The court allowed eight persons to attend the wedding and directed the jail administration to make preparations in the jail gurdwara. Security was put in place in order to conduct the ceremony for which the court granted 6 hours time.

Dhruv’s mother and cousins attended the ceremony, since his father is no more and his siblings are settled abroad. From the bride’s side, her mother and brother performed the rituals. However, no media person was provided access to the place of wedding or the kin of the couple.

The wedding took place after its own tribulations. In 2016, the gangster, had appealed for furlough to get married, but the police rebuffed him saying that no wedding was scheduled and it was merely a trick to escape. Dhruv had killed the sarpanch of his village in Nabha and also his gunman in 2010 for which he is serving a life term.

When he did not get the leave, the bride, in a scene worthy of Bollywood, was said to have performed the wedding rituals with Dhruv’s photograph and began living with his family as a daughter-in-law.

When, for the second time, Dhruv applied for furlough to get married, the court again rejected the appeal, as the police warned the court that the gangster may use the chance to escape. But when Dhruv’s lawyer apprised the court about his bride marrying his photo, the court directed the jail administration to make arrangements for his wedding in jail.

However, another hitch presented itself when Dhruv’s mother said the wedding could only take place at a holy place, not jail. Upon this, jail officials informed the court that the jail had a gurdwara too. This settled the matter and the wedding was scheduled.

As to how, when and where Dhruv met the girl also remains a mystery, and no information was forthcoming from the lawyer.

Dhruv is associated with Shera Khubban gang led by Gurpreet Singh Sekhon. Currently lodged in the same jail, Sekhon is has been accused of masterminding a jail-break in 2016 with 5 other inmates.


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