Five reasons you must add aloe vera to your summer skincare routine

Aloe vera is one of the most sought-after skincare ingredients today; here's why

With the sun being especially harsh during the summer months, the skin requires a multitude of products that can protect it from harmful rays. While there are various ingredients that promise to do the job, it is “aloe vera” — nature’s wonder ingredient — that can come to your rescue.

“Bringing with it a range of skincare properties since the ancient Egyptians who termed it as the ‘plant of immortality’, aloe vera, has surely become the most sought-after skincare ingredient,” says Koushik Sreedhar, NIVEA India’s research and development expert.

Let’s take a look at five core benefits that make aloe vera, the summer super- ingredient for soft, shining, and supple skin.

Skin hydration

We drink lots of water to keep ourselves hydrated during summers. But it is also advised to keep our skin equally hydrated. Our skin tends to become really dry and rough because of the constant loss of water, and immense sweating. Applying aloe moisturisers and hydration gels or creams can help hydrate the skin and give it the summer glow!

Instant relief

Aloe vera is also known to offer instant relief from skin rashes, itches and burns. Aloe’s cooling factor makes it a really soothing ingredient. Apply a generous amount on the affected area, and leave it overnight for best results.

Compatible with all skin-types

Aloe vera is a natural ingredient that is compatible with all skin types. Whether its sensitive skin for summer burns, hydrating dry skin, or soothing itchy skin, aloe vera can play a pivotal role in satisfying you with the best solutions during summers.

A versatile ingredient

It is a versatile beauty ingredient with a multitude of benefits ranging from hydrating, soothing to moisturising. This can further be combined with the SPF to help us battle the harmful UV rays that can cause an array of skin problems during summers. Hence, the dual benefit of aloe with SPF not only hydrates dry skin but also protects it from the harmful effects of the sun, making it a must-have summer ingredient for that healthy and fresh-looking skin.

DIY face/hair masks

While we all continue to work from home and embrace the new normal, a little time off from the daily hustle is needed to beat the blues. You could try a combination of DIY face and hair masks with aloe as the hero ingredient. Aloe helps in soothing the skin from all irritation and also helps take care of frizzy hair from becoming a nightmare during summers.

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