Fictional characters try out ‘filters’ in Netflix India’s Instagram post. Pics are hilarious

It is no lie that those managing Netflix India’s Instagram account often ace the meme game. The page always manages to mix up the latest trends, whether it be ‘caption this’ or ‘Binod’, with fan favourite tv shows and movies to create giggle-inducing content. Well, this Instagram post by Netflix India fits that bill perfectly. In fact, it is a must check out for any tv series lovers or film buffs out there.

Netflix India’s official Instagram account shared this post on September 26. The share consists of 10 individual images. “Man, these Instagram filters are getting out of hand,” reads the text shared alongside the photos.

Each snapshot shows a fictional character dressed in some rather absurd outfits. Be it Will from Stranger Things, Monica from Friends or Ram Shankar Nikumbh from Taare Zameen Par, the list of those featured in the post is quite diverse. The unique look of each character is meant to represent an imaginary Instagram filter. Some of these looks are so ‘out there’ that you may actually confuse them for a real filter.

Check out the post which has already accumulated nearly 40,500 likes since its posting on the photo and video sharing platform a few hours ago.

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Man, these Instagram filters are getting out of hand.

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Instagram users had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the post. One person said, “Who do we love? Penny! Who do we love? Penny! Who do we love? Penny”.

Another individual wrote, “Why can I hear Rosa’s username?”. “Teza was awesome,” read one comment under the post.

An Instagram user stated, “Hahahahhaha”. Somebody else proclaimed, “Reading rosa_rosa_rosa in Doug Judy’s voice”.

What are your thoughts on the share? Any particular ‘Instagram filter’ that is your favourite?

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