DU degree awaited: Students take up part-time creative jobs

This has been a year packed with delays for final year Delhi University(DU) students, be it in terms of classes, exams, results, or job offers. But, every cloud has a silver lining and in this case it’s part-time creative professions that are being opted by youngsters to keep themselves away from the thoughts of their one year of career being wasted due to the pandemic!

“I’m yet to get a degree, open book exam (OBE) results are awaited and there’s no update on campus placements either,” says Sneha Shah, a Hindu College student, adding, “This made me pursue what I really wanted, ie, baking and food blogging. For now, this is my profession, and an opportunity in disguise.”

Fashionistas of the campus are rejoicing as they have a chance to take up their love for fashion, a step further. “Fashion blogging has been my choice of profession for so long. Till the results and degree fiasco is sorted by DU, I have taken up fashion blogging seriously, even convinced my parents that it’s viable to monetise it as a profession,” says Vrinda C R from Kamala Nehru College, adding, “I’m hoping that if I’m able to convince my monetise my blog, it’ll be easier for my younger sister in the future to make profession choices basis her interest than the monetary scope of a profession.”

Some students whose job offers have been rescinded, are using the gap period by deploying their skills to their best use. Nandagopan T, who is studying in Sri Venkateswara College, says, “I used to make mandala drawings when in school. My mother had also got me enrolled in a course that taught designing, when I was younger. I have utilised the time since lockdown, to design graffiti and murals for corporates in the city. As of now, this is a freelance job opportunity, but the pay is good. Once the pandemic ends, maybe I can pursue it full-time, who knows!”

Virtual fitness classes on the rise? Nakul Pratap, a student of Rajdhani College, who is awaiting his degree, saw this as an opportunity .“My father lost his job recently, and the delays in my graduation meant that I’ve to wait for a while before I start applying for other jobs. So, I started working as a freelance fitness instructor and conduct virtual classes. I’m enjoying what I do, however, I’m waiting for the pandemic to end and job opportunities to come up so I can shift from freelancing to a full time job. Till then, it really feels nice to be able to bring fitness to people at a time when health is top priority,” says Pratap.

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