Dolly Parton’s mural, celebrating her position on Black Lives Matter, attracts tourists in Nashville

George Floyd’s murder in police custody earlier this year had shaken America into a Black Lives Matter movement that not only trickled to other parts of the world, in the heart of an ongoing pandemic, but has also stabbed the conscience of the white including country singer Dolly Parton. A Tennessee native, Patron recently made her stand clear on the movement and impressed by her “sassy and sensitive comment”, artist Kim Radford painted a mural of her outside The 5 Spot on Forrest Avenue in East Nashville.

The place has turned into a tourist spot with many flocking to check out the mural after Parton’s interview with Billboard magazine went viral. Making it clear that she supports Black Lives Matter movement, Parton addressed the protests against racism and police brutality which she did not attend but which did swept America, post Floyd’s systematic murder.

She was quoted saying, “Of course Black lives matter. Do we think our little White a**es are the only ones that matter? No!” Mural artist, Radford had already decided to paint the mural of the country music icon on the side of The 5 Spot but when she read Parton’s views in the article, she added the quote to the top of the mural. 

Radford shared with AP, “I looked at her quote in particular and it was so sassy and a sensitive comment about something’s that got a lot of friction in the air right now. And she just treated it just like Dolly does: lovingly. And it was just perfect.”Featuring Parton’s signature blond hair surrounded by butterflies and wildflowers, the mural is only a week old but has already become a hot spot for tourists visiting Music City to get a selfie.  

“I wanted it to be a real display of an icon, fun, bright, artistic way. It’s a representation of an icon that Americans and really people across the globe are really proud to know and love her music,”Radford added.

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