Do you notice what’s wrong with this Beijing apartment? It’s not that hard

Finding the perfect apartment to live in can be an arduous task. You have to figure out your budget, look up several places, find out what suits you the best and only then can you finalise an option. And sometimes, even that option ends up having that one flaw you cannot get over and need to start the process all over again. Take for example this man’s search for the perfect apartment in Beijing which led him to one that’s making Twitter laugh out loud.

Pictures posted on Twitter by journalist Michael Bellart show a rather obvious design fail in an apartment. Let’s see how long it takes you to spot the rather obvious problem with this apartment:

See, not that hard to notice, right? The apartment has a seemingly perfect looking bathroom – the only problem is it has glass walls and is situated right next to the main door on one side and the kitchen on the other. Perfect for socialising… NOT!

The pictures of the bizarre apartment have left many on Twitter amused. Since being shared on November 17, the pictures have collected over 26,000 ‘likes’ and more than 4,800 retweets. While someone wonders if the place is affordable, another assumes the bathroom wall has blinds that come down. Sadly, the answer to both these question is no.

Here’s what some others have to say about it.

“That is beyond very, very wrong. Best of luck on your search! (PS: don’t pick this one),” says one Twitter user. “Looks like an antisocial person’s dream home to me because they can’t and won’t have anyone over,” says another. “So often it’s ‘Spot the design flaw!’” says a third.

What do you think about this apartment?

First Published: Nov 21, 2018 14:27 IST

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