‘Dear papa, I don’t miss you’: PM Modi tweets inspiring video of young ‘corona warrior’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to share a PSA video showing a young girl asking her father not to come home. In the video, the girl writes a letter as a voiceover narrates why she is making this unusual request.

“Dear papa, I am not missing you, neither is mother. Don’t rush back home, there’s no need. Stay where you are,” the voice says in Hindi. Following a dramatic pause, the voiceover continues, “If you will step out then corona will win. We need to defeat corona. Isn’t it papa?” The video concludes with a cautionary message asking the young Indians to keep a close eye on their parents and be “corona warriors.”

“A young girl’s message to her father. Do watch,” PM Modi tweeted along with the video. He also used the hashtag #IndiaFightsCorona:

Since being shared just over an hour ago, the video has already garnered over 1.3 lakh views. Further, it has also gathered close to 23,000 likes and more than 4,600 retweets. Comments poured in on the prime minister’s tweet.

“Hope all of us will abide by this rule,” wrote a Twitter user. “The only way now is to stay inside our houses,” commented another. “Good video,” wrote a third.

This is not the only ‘corona warrior’ video that Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted. Just a day ago, he shared a video and tweeted, “I trust India’s youth to show the way when it comes to ensuring a healthier tomorrow.” The video shows a young boy stopping his mother from going out.

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