Couple tries to take a cute picture, is joined by an unexpected guest

Are you wondering what could make a wholesome newlywed couple’s photo even cuter? A cute little canine, of course. Just like this image, involving a doggo and its hoomans, which is now winning people over.

Posted on Twitter on July 29 from the handle @shonwashed, this image was shared with a caption reading, “My husband and I tried to take pics of our rings, and our dog didn’t want to feel left out?”.

The photograph shows a group of ‘hands’ kept atop one another. However, what makes the image genuinely intriguing is the fact that the ‘hand’ at the very top is not a hand at all but a paw.

Check out this sweet trio who appears to be very much in love with each other:

Since being shared on the micro-blogging application, this post has captured netizens’ attention. The tweet currently has nearly 37,000 retweets and comments along with over 3 lakh likes.

Here is what tweeple had to say about the unexpectedly adorable snapshot. One person asked:

While another individual wrote, “Omg this is adorable. “I love this family photo,” read a comment on the thread.

A Twitter user proclaimed, “That tiny paw,” unable to keep their cool over the whole ordeal. Somebody declared, “This photo is perfect”. Now that is a notion we second wholeheartedly.

“This is the cutest thing I’ve seen today,” read one comment on the thread, and we cannot say we disagree.

What are your thoughts on this image?

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