Colleges to create bank of pre-recorded lecture videos

The state higher education department has asked teaching staff across colleges in the state to share recorded video lectures, which will be used as e-content for the ongoing academic session. College heads said that the video lecturers will serve as additional learning resources for students, especially those who are not able to take regular online or physical classroom sessions.

In a directive shared with colleges earlier this week, the higher education department said that regular teaching staff would need to contribute recorded lecture videos for the development of e-content for the academic session 2020-21. The department has said that the faculty needs to submit at least one recorded lecture video pertaining to a topic on a given subject. The topics on which the videos will be submitted are being handled by nodal officers of different colleges.

Ramesh Garg, principal of Government Girls College, Sector 14, said that nodal officers for different subjects had earlier been appointed to helm the generation of e-content for this year in view of the pandemic. “If all faculty members across colleges in the state can pitch in with recorded lecture videos pertaining to a particular topic, the department will be able to put in place a bank of learning resources. While discussion is a major constituent of live online classes, these videos will act as a content resource for revision,” said Garg.

Garg said that the pool of videos created would cover different content in line with the syllabus and can be used as an online learning resource once it’s ready. “In normal times, students used to have physical notes and other resources at their disposal but the pandemic has hastened the shift towards digital education. The videos that will be put together will serve as an online bank for students in addition to the classes that they take,” said Garg. He said that students will be able to benefit from videos from different teachers across the state under this e-content initiative.

Dr Satyamanyu Yadav, principal, Government College in Sector 9, said that the lecture videos that will be recorded will serve as an e-resource for students. “Teachers will prepare lecture videos that will be transmitted through existing television broadcast mechanism. Further, they will be uploaded to an e-content library being created by the department. If there are students struggling with bandwidth issues or those who are unable to tune in regularly to online classes, they can rely on these video lecturers,” said Yadav. He said that students could download the necessary videos and use them offline for revision when required. “Sometimes, students miss out on live online classes that are being held daily. In such a situation, they can use their downloaded lecture videos,” said Yadav.

The directive undersigned by the project officer, EDUSAT for the higher education department, stated that lecturers would need to discuss learning objectives and references used by them for preparing the lecture videos. “The lecture should begin by discussing the learning objectives and references used by the resource person. Besides the video, lecturers need to submit a document outlining the same,” said the officer

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