Chinese boy becomes world record holder for tallest male teenager. Can you guess how tall he is?

A Chinese boy, named Ren Keyu, has captured the attention of netizens by becoming the latest record holder for the tallest male under the age of 18. The ninth-grader is 221.03 cm or 7 ft 3.02 in tall and fourteen-years old.

The official YouTube channel of the Guinness World Records shared this video on November 19. Captioned, “Tallest Teenager,” the clip features Ren Keyu’s story and interesting facts about the record.

Narrated by Ren Keyu himself, the recording starts by introducing the teenager. He states his name, age, and place of residence, which is Leshan in Sichuan Province, China.

According to the Guinness World Records website, in kindergarten, the teenager was already 150 centimetres tall. Ren Keyu’s family even took him to a doctor who suspected that the boy had gigantism. But tests made it clear that Ren Keyu’s growth hormone, pituitary gland and other results were normal.

Ren Keyu’s height was measured three times during the day, following the record guidelines. Measurements of his standing height, lying height, hand length, hand span, foot length, foot width, arm span, and half-arm span were taken each time.

Check out the recording to learn more about this fascinating teenager:

Since being shared on the video-sharing platform, the post has accumulated over 54,400 views and 1,800 likes.

Here is what netizens had to say about the post. One person said, “That was interesting and kinda heartwarming”.

Another individual wrote, “Imagine if this teen becomes the new world’s tallest man”. “He’s probably gonna be the tallest human being in the world,” similarly inferred somebody else.

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