CBSE Class 12 exams: Manish Sisodia seeks suggestions for tomorrow’s meeting on board exams, entrance tests

Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia today requested teachers/parents/students on Twitter to give suggestions on the “possibilities to conduct” the Class 12 Board exams and entrance exams.

Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi on Saturday took to Twitter to seek suggestions from teachers, parents and students, on the “possibilities to conduct” the class 12 board exams and entrance tests.

 “Centre Govt. has invited all education ministers to discuss possibilities to conduct 12th Board & entrance exams. I would request teachers/parents/students to give suggestions here, so that best decision can be made considering the future of our students,” he tweeted.

 “I will also have a series of discussions with teachers and principals from Govt and Pvt Schools on how to conduct exams under the current circumstances. If you have any suggestions please send them by today evening,” he said in another tweet.

 Within minutes, several took to Twitter to give their suggestions. Most of them said exams should be cancelled.

Sumanjeet Sharma, a social activist, said, “Exams can be conducted/given after a year also, but right now we should safeguard our children as the third wave of corona is likely to effect them more. It would be foolish if we send our children to school/exam centers. Online exam for class 12 students wouldn’t be right (sic).”

 “Sir Class 12 exam should be cancel because we know about 3rd wave is not good. We should think about another method of examinations. And for college admissions we should say all the colleges administration to hold an entrance exam online by which students get into the colleges (sic),” wrote Piyush Shrivastava.

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Another student Ananya wrote, “In unprecedented times like these wherein children of 17-18 years of age are having to deal with immense grief, trauma and loss of loved ones, it’s unfair to ask us to risk our lives for an offline exam, methodology for internal assessment should be developed.”

Tanush Arora, another user, said, “Sir, instead of conducting exams offline, results can be prepared on the basis of internal assessments, practicals and past 3 year performance. Also provision of exams can be their after post Covid-19 so that students can improve scores if they want.”

 However, a few people suggested other ways of taking the exam. “Arrange residential facilities, like safe homes are being made, create a bubble , and conduct the exams there. Students need their exams and also more time with their friends. The virus won’t be much of a problem, not to worry about test positivity,” wrote a user.

 Kunal Maheshwari, another Twitter user, said, “Those who want marks by risking life let them appear for exams, those who are happy with internal assessment give them relief”.

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