Artistes, content creators to come together at upcoming carnival-cum-forest festival

An upcoming residential carnival-cum-forest festival seeking to “discuss the future of creativity”, will bring together over 300 artistes from the fields of art, music, design, travel, fashion, and film under a single roof. Organised by travel company The Experience Co, the second edition of “F of X” that opens on February 20 at the Jim Corbett National Park, will delve deeper into areas of creative interest such as making viral content, working as a freelancer and how to bag creative projects.

“Over the span of four days, we have a singular aim – to help you find what makes your right brain tick, what makes you see the colours, and how you can conjure up some of the magic you’ve only been a witness to,” Jay Ahya, director of F of X, said.

The four-day residential festival will see participation by filmmakers, art critics, writers, storytellers, illustrators, IT professionals, fashion consultants, therapists, and business managers among other.

Among the attending creators will be writer Rega Jha, illustrator Vijaya Aswani, business coach Akshay Cherian, and bands including ‘Black Letters’, ‘Cinema of Excess’, and ‘Lifafa’.

The festival will have four designated zones – “Heart” will have sessions and spaces for meaningful conversations allowing personal growth, “Mind” will focus on new information to explore tools for growth, “Soul” will include spiritual experiences that expand the mind and the body, and “Hands” to allow creators in hands-on workshops to engage with new materials and devices.

The course of the festival will also involve activities such as stargazing, riverside walking, open mics, and acoustic jams, all aimed at honing visitors’ “creative skills, amplifying their voices, and belonging to a creative tribe”. “In our 5+ years’ experience in creating interventions and enabling collaborations via the Roadtrip Experience Project & Beachhouse Project, we have realized the infinite potential in bringing creators together. “‘F of X’ comes backed by a lot of thought, good energies, and hardcore data. Whether you already are on a creative journey or on the onset of one, the programming of the festival ensures value for everyone,” Ahya added.

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