Alfie, the alpaca, just discovered mirrors. His interaction with them is extremely hilarious

It is not uncommon to see cats act derpy, or dogs behave oddly. But have you ever seen an alpaca get bamboozled over mirrors? If no, worry not. This video, which is a sure-shot giggle-fest, shows exactly that.

The clip was posted on Instagram on July 8. It has been shared from Alfie, the alpaca’s very own Instagram account.

The recording shows the animal standing in front of a mirror. The camera person, who seems to be on the other end of the room, zooms into the alpaca’s face. Alfie’s expression is nothing short of contemplative. He stares into his reflection and then past it, at its hooman. The video ends with Alfie staring off into the distance, looking as cute as ever.

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Alfie has learnt mirrors. So now he can stare as us *AND* flash his butt at the same time 🤣

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Since being shared, the post has received a lot of traction. It currently has nearly 72,500 views and many loving comments.

Here is what Instagram users had to say about Alfie, the alpaca who just discovered mirrors. One person said, “Urgh I was having a bad time, and Alfie just made it so much better”. Another individual wrote, “Hahahaha, love his creep stares. Classic”.

“This could be on The X Files,” read one comment referring to an American science fiction show. An Instagram user proclaimed, “He is the reason why I want an alpaca”. Watching Alfie look so cute and creepy, simultaneously, whilst acting derpy makes us wish we had a pet alpaca too.

What are your thoughts on this cutie? Do you now want you a pet alpaca as well?

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