Writer Gogeri passes away

Writer of wit and humours essays, poetry and children’s books in Kannada M.D. Gogeri died in Hubballi on Sunday. He was 81. He died of age-related problems, his family sources said.

Mohammad Ali Dastagirsab Pinjar shortened his name to M.D. Gogeri, adding the name of his village to his initials, after he began writing Radio Plays for All India Radio Dharwad.

He was a singer, harmonium player and theatre trainer. Hailing from Gogeri in Gadag ditrict, he had settled down in Hubballi, after a long service as a primary school teacher in many places in North Karnataka.

He wrote over 30 books of songs, humorous essays, plays and folk song collections. Popular among them were Jeeva Jenu, Bhava Sangama, Koogutive Kallugalu, Ido Karnataka, Navu Swatantraru, Tayiya Udiyalli, Chunavanege Ninta, Drakshi Gonchalu and Puttana Parisara.

He spoke against social evils such as zamindari system and patriarchy, in his books — Sahebaru-Sipayi, Purusha Shoshanege Namaskara and Patniyara Sandarshana.

His autobiography, Halliyinda Hooballige, and poetry collection, Ninanda Vinoda, have won many awards. The final rites were conducted in Hubballi on Sunday.

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