World Water Day observed in Udhagamandalam

The regional centre of the Indian Institute of Soil and Water Conservation (ICAR-IISWC) in Udhagamandalam observed World Water Day on their campus.

In a press release, the ICAR-IISWC stated that K.J.Raju, District President of the Tamil Nadu Science Forum, a guest at the event, emphasised the importance of Shola forests in water resource generation and retention. “Only if the forest and water resources in Nilgiris is conserved, only then will the surrounding districts get water,” said Mr. Raju.

K. Kannan, acting head of the ICAR-IISWC, said that water is a natural resource that has to be conserved and utilised effectively. “A considerable volume of water is utilised for agricultural production and other activities and water demand is increasing every day. The younger generation has to be aware of water conservation methods,” he said.

S. Manivannan, Principal Scientist and Organising Secretary, also spoke at the event.

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