Workers walking to MP get help

A Railway guard in Belagavi offered help to two workers who were walking to Madhya Pradesh from Bengaluru.

Pawan Dhurve and Funde Mithusingh Lal of Dindori district in Madhya Pradesh were working on a contract basis in Bengaluru. They had walked around 500 km, along the railway line. They were weak and tired after having travelled by foot. They stopped to ask Railway guard Umesh Aptekar, directions to Pune. He inquired about their condition. They said that they were not paid salaries despite working for a few months, as their contractor died.

They had no money for train fare and had decided to walk back home. The guard gave them some water to drink. He called his friends who turned good Samaritans. Ravi Nirmalkar, Sachin Kelvekar, Raju Mutkekar and Umesh Aptekar gave some food to the workers and also helped them buy train tickets to Itarsi.

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