Woman survives ovarian cancer, gives birth to child


A 27-year-old woman, who survived ovarian cancer and was treated in a city hospital, has given birth to a child.

Gynaecologist B. Kalpana of Guru Hospital on Monday told media persons that the patient consulted the oncologists at the hospital for a second opinion earlier this year. When scan results showed a cancerous mass in the right ovary, the doctors said it would be advisable to remove the uterus, both ovaries, lymph nodes and the omentum. However, the patient and her husband wanted to have children.

“ Considering their request, we consulted surgeons elsewhere and decided to remove the right ovary, fallopian tube, omentum and lymph nodes since the cancer had not spread. The uterus was retained and counselling was provided for the patient to ensure pregnancy, which would be non-threatening,” said oncologist and chairman of the hospital S.G. Balamurugan.

The fertility sparing surgery was performed on March 22 and infertility treatments were provided. Then, the woman delivered a healthy baby, who was three-months-old now, the doctors said, adding she had conceived her second child too.

Dr. Balamurugan said though it was best advised to eventually remove the uterus, women with ovarian cancer could choose to give birth under right circumstances.

Dr. Kalpana said several early detection measures had come up to treat cancer in the initial stages to ensure complete cure.

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