Woman files complaint against inspector; he too files one

A woman from Belagavi has said that a police inspector had threatened to rape her and kill her and her family members over a minor road accident here on Tuesday.

Priyanka Sunil Kurankar, 34-year-old home-maker from Shahapur in Belagavi, has said that G.I. Kalyanshetty, Circle Inspector of Police from Hukkeri, threatened “to rape her and other female relatives and throw them all in a roadside ditch”.

The complaint also says that the accused police officer brandished his service revolver to threaten that he would kill all her family members.

All this was because the woman’s car had accidentally hit another car in which the police officer’s mother and other relatives were travelling. “My car hit the other one slightly due to a pot-hole on the road, but did not cause any major damage to it. However, the officer’s relatives picked up a quarrel with us and called the officer, who was in yet another car, to the spot. He did not accept our apologies, and instead, threatened to kill us,” the woman said. On the other hand, Mr. Kalyanshetty has filed a complaint against the woman and her family members for picking up a fight, assault and verbal abuse.

Superintendent of Police Lakshman Nimbaragi said that both the complaints would be investigated in an impartial manner.

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