Withdraw Prof. Saibaba’s termination: DUTA to V-C

Matter is sub judice: teachers’ body

The Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA) on Tuesday wrote to DU Vice-Chancellor P.C. Joshi over the termination of service of professor G.N. Saibaba by Ram Lal Anand College.

Demanding that DU review and withdraw any action against Mr. Saibaba, the DUTA in its letter to Mr. Joshi said: “We wish to reiterate that since Dr. Saibaba’s appeal before the High Court is listed for hearing, the matter is sub judice and proceedings are continuing, the case against him cannot be regarded as final until all appellate remedies are exhausted.”

The teachers’ body also cited the instance of professor S.A.R. Geelani of Zakir Hussain College (evening) who was an accused in Parliament attack case of 2001 and later acquitted by the High Court.

“Dr. Geelani was suspended after his arrest in Parliament attack case and his service was not terminated despite his conviction and award of death penalty by the trial court. He remained under suspension and was reinstated upon acquittal by the High Court. It is submitted that, similarly, any action against Dr. Saibaba, should await the final decision of the High Court in the matter of his appeal,” read the letter.

‘Vindictive decision’

The DUTA also said that the letter to terminate services was served without waiting for a reply to a show cause notice earlier served to Mr. Saibaba. “The decision to terminate his services without waiting for his reply, when he is unable to respond, seems arbitrary, vindictive and against the principles of natural justice,” said the teachers’ body.

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