With a shloka, PM Modi says we must fight Covid-19 head-on

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said India’s fight against Covid-19 must be head on to stop the outbreak where it is as he commended people for helping the government against the coronavirus disease.

“Evam, evam vikarah, api tarunha sadhyate sukham or a disease and its outbreak must be dealt with at the very beginning or else it becomes incurable and its treatment becomes difficult,” Modi said.

He said all of India and its citizens are doing just that.

The Prime Minister also sought forgiveness for putting people in trouble by ordering a complete lockdown in the country but said the fight against coronavirus is one of life and death.

“My conscience tells me that you will definitely forgive me as I had to take certain decisions which have put you in a lot difficulty,” he said on his radio programme Mann ki Baat.

“Especially, when I look at my poor brothers and sisters, I definitely feel that they must be thinking hat kind of a Prime minister is this who has placed us in this situation,” he added.

“The lockdown is for you to protect you and your family. You have to show this patience for many more days,” he added.

Modi has already addressed the nation on the issue of the coronavirus outbreak twice in the last few days.

The Prime Minister had announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown in his address on March 24 as part of the government’s stringent efforts to tackle the spread of Covid-19 that has infected nearly 1000 people and killed 25 in India so far.

Before that, he had called for a Janta Curfew on March 22, which was in place for 14 hours as people stayed off the roads and public places during this period.

The Prime Minister’s Mann ki Baat radio programme is aired on the last Sunday of every month.

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