With 140 Covid deaths, May proved deadly for Panchkula

Even when the district witnessed it first peak, it had reported a number half than that reported in April. A total of 5179 cases had tested positive in September last year.

With the advent of second wave which peaked in the month of May, Panchkula reported more than 10,000 positive cases with as many as 4.6 persons succumbing to the virus per day throughout the month, and 140 Covid deaths within 30 days.

Even when the district witnessed it first peak, it had reported a number half than that reported in April. A total of 5179 cases had tested positive in September last year. Panchkula in the second wave, reported a total of 21,766 positive cases in the two months of April and May, including 11,352 cases in April and 10,424 in May.

Most cases between end of April and early May

While the overall number of cases reported in the month of May remains high, Panchkula actually witnessed its peak around mid-May with cases seeing a sudden and steep fall May 17 onwards.

While an average of 503 cases were reported from the district each day in the first 15 days, adding up to 7551 cases, the numbers fell to almost one-third with 2873 cases in the second half of May, averaging 191 cases per day.

During the first peak in September last year, the highest single day caseload then had stood at 251 cases recorded on September 18. In May, the highest case count stood at 736 on May 5.

An analysis of the daily medical bulletins issued by the district shows that the maximum number of cases were observed between the last two weeks of April (7840) and first two weeks of May (7560). The district reported a total of 15,400 positive cases in these four weeks.
The number includes those who do not reside in Panchkula but were sampled here.

Deaths see a spike

The total number of deaths reported in the month of May despite the fall in positive cases in the second half has remained consistent, seeing a drastic rise as compared to the month of April.

While April, with a caseload of 11352, reported 54 Covid deaths, May with 10,424 cases reported as many as 140 deaths.

While 70 deaths were reported by May 15, 70 were reported between May 15 and May 30.

The official number of deaths went as high as 9 within a day on May 17, with the district also reporting eight deaths in a day on two occasions including on May 12 and May 16.

“Highest numbers of deaths were reported in May in absolute numbers since the beginning of the pandemic. The Covid fatality rate of 1.6 percent in the month was also quite high. It was a severe wave with high fatality. Now looking back, it seems timely addition of BIPAPs and strengthening of ICU facilities could have helped. Still we tried to manage by continuously adding equipment and through regular extensive home isolation visits. Tele -consultations with physicians also helped in early diagnosis of critical patients,” said CMO Dr Jasjeet Kaur.

In September last year, the district had seen a fatality rate of 1.4 percent. The average fatality rate since the beginning of the pandemic in the district stands at 1.2 percent.

Positivity rate at 33%

With the cases at an all time high, the positivity rate in the district also saw a steep growth, standing at more than 33 percent on May 5 when the district reported a high of 736 cases. Even in the last week of April, the percentage of those positive had oscillated between 25 and 34 percent.

The positivity rate started to see a drop May 10 onwards hovering below 20 percent. It came down drastically to stand at 3.5 percent on May 30.

While the overall positivity rate for the month of May stands at 17.24 percent, the positivity rate had remained higher in the first two weeks with 21.79 percent which dipped to 11 percent in the second half of the month.

An average positivity rate of 9 percent was reported in the month of March with the number significantly growing to 19.5 percent in April. In September last year, the district had seen a positivity rate of 25 percent.

Sampling high

Panchkula conducted as many as 60,500 tests in the month of May with 34,650 persons sampled in the first half of the month and remaining 25,782 in the second half as cases saw a decline. The district, on average, tested more than 2000 persons per day.

Sampling its population aggressively, Panchkula was number two in the state of Haryana after Gurugram, having tested almost 57 percent of its population. As per records of the state issued on May 23, Panchkula with a population of almost 6 lakh people had already tested 3.3 lakh people, averaging to 57775 persons per lakh of its population. Out of the total 22 districts, it stands second only to Gurugram- part of Delhi NCR, which has tested 97393 persons per lakh of its population. It also stands much above the state’s average of testing 34052 persons per lakh.

Active cases

The active cases had gone to as high as 3,000 in May with a high daily count of cases, that catapulted Panchkula district into top five districts of Haryana with maximum active cases. As numbers receded, the district reported only 880 active cases on May 30.

The active case tally, which had stood below 100 in January, was more than 200 in the first week of March. It crossed the 300-mark on March 10 and 400-mark on March 16. Climbing fast, it crossed the 1,000-mark on March 30 and 1,500-mark on April 13. It breached the 2,000-mark on April 17. It soared above the 2500-mark on April 23 but has seen a steady decline since. The number of active cases came down below the 2000-mark on May 21 and below 1000- mark on May 30.

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