Widen roads keeping future needs in mind: HC

The Kerala High Court on Monday reiterated that development of roads will have to be done keeping in mind the future needs and not the present requirements alone.

Justice Devan Ramachandran observed that if the State could acquire land for the SilverLine project, surely it could do so for widening roads.

The court observed, “When you (government) are talking about the K-Rail project, you talk about the future. I am happy that someone is taking account of the future. Let’s talk about the future of roads also.”

The court made the observation while dealing with a petition seeking to increase the width of the road from Tirurangadi to Parappanagadi. The court noted that the existing width of 8 m was "woefully insufficient" even by the present traffic situation. It seemed the authorities too accepted it as they said a fresh acquisition proposal would be submitted before January 30.

The court also directed the State government to file a report on the progress in the matter before February 10.

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