Why Mahesh Babu said no to Janaganamana

Director Puri Jagannath has prepared the Janaganamana script for Mahesh Babu. Although the script of the film was prepared many years ago, the film did not take off due to lack of green signal from Mahesh. Mahesh Babu Puri Jagannath combination is known to be very special to the audience. In this combination Pokiri and Business Man movies were screened and both these films had sensational successes at the box office.

Fans think it would be nice if another film was released in this combination but for various reasons another film could not be made in this combination. While Mahesh Babu is currently busy with a series of projects, Puri Jagannath is all set to release Janaganamana with Vijay Devarakonda. A few days back, news came that Vijay was going to be a hero, but the poster for this movie was released recently.

It is known that Liger, which will be released in Puri Jagannath Vijay combination, will be released on August 25 this year. Asusual Janaganamana will be screened on August 3, 2023 in the Desha Bhakti and Army Backdrop. This film will be released in Telugu, Hindi and other southern languages as a Pan India movie. Following the success of Ismart Shankar, It is noteworthy that Puri Jagannath has been releasing a series of Pan India films.

However, there are comments that Mahesh may not be interested in acting in this film as it is a risky subject. It would take up to a year and half to know whether Mahesh’s decision is right or wrong on the census.

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