What if Pak. sends spies as Hindus to India, asks CM at town hall meet

‘40 roads to be redesigned like that of foreign countries by Nov.’

While addressing the fifth town hall meeting, AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal asked the people what guarantee is there that Pakistan would not send spies as Hindus to India under the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

The meeting, a part of the party’s election campaign, was anchored by ABP News. “What guarantee is there that Pakistan would not send spies as Hindus over here? This can also happen. These are valid questions,” he said.

Full statehood

Mr. Kejriwal said full statehood for Delhi will be part of AAP’s election manifesto. It was the main poll plank of AAP in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls in Delhi.

Speaking about the multiple fire incidents that claimed the lives of many people, he said the government was trying to find solutions. “We have ordered inquiries into all these fire incidents. If we find a trend on the reasons behind these fires and we can solve them by taking a particular action, then we will implement it.” He added that the government has started about 300 Mohalla Clinics in Delhi and 150 such clinics will be opened on Sunday. Talking about beautification, he said: “We are redesigning 40 roads and they will be done by November. We will make Delhi’s roads like that of London, Tokyo, and France. If they are good, then we will redesign all roads like this.”

Speaking about the CAA, he launched an attack on Home Minister Amit Shah, saying: “Aap chronology samjne ki koshish kijiye [please try and understand the chronology]. Each one you will be told to prove citizenship. They will not allow Aadhaar or PAN card. They will only allow government birth certificates. If you can’t produce them, then if you are Muslim, then you will be asked to leave the country. If you are a Hindu, then you will be asked ‘are you from Pakistan’, if you say yes, then you will be given citizenship. If you are Hindu and not from Pakistan, then you will be asked to leave the country.”

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