Water survey under way in Gandhi Nagar

The exercise aims to help the neighbourhood achieve water self-sufficiency

The Rain Centre is conducting a survey at Gandhi Nagar in Adyar to understand the status of the various sources of water supply in the neighbourhood.

Putting it differently, it aims to understand how residents are meeting their water requirements.

How much are they on the piped supply from Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board (CMWSSB)? On groundwater sources? And on private water suppliers?

The centre’s founder-cum-director, Sekhar Raghavan says, “This survey should inform us whether CMWSSB’s water supply is uniform across Gandhi Nagar or not. If there are any differences in the distribution of CMWSSB’s water supply, the exercise will try to understand those reasons. These findings will help us to explore ways to improve the groundwater source and also to evaluate the option of digging an open well to tap the shallow aquifer. The ultimate objective of this survey is to make Gandhi Nagar self-sufficient with respect to water.”

The questionnaire can be accessed at

Based on the response, the centre will replicate the survey in Mylapore and Anna Nagar.

Rain Centre can be reached at 96770 43869 or write to [email protected]

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