Waiting time to book movie tickets online in USA

Due to the increase in technology and digitalization, the online movie system has become much more popular. Instead of wasting time in queues of movie counter, it provides an easy and efficient way to book the tickets online.

Movie booking system is actually in action for the last 15 years but it gained its popularity after 2004 and its reach increased several folds in the past 6-10 years because of increasing net accessibility. Due to increased traffic server problems and transaction failure are the major problems with online movie booking system.  The movie lovers often face a long waiting time for  booking the movie tickets online in the USA.

The users are accepting of a somewhat slower response time. It’s ok if it takes five or six seconds to complete the login portion of the checkout process, or if it takes 10 or 15 seconds to process payment and finalize purchase. But if the wait time for online movie ticket booking is more than 15 minutes, then it’s   a very long period for anyone.

When a guy tries to book movie tickets in the USA on the website Cinemark, it displays, You are in line for purchasing tickets. When it is your turn, you will have 10 minutes to enter the website. And your estimated wait time is 15 minutes.

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